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Benefits / Challenges of Overseas PR

Targeted editorial PR exposure is the most economical and credible method of building name awareness and generating sales leads in your overseas markets. However, because the challenges are more complicated than implementing USA PR, your company may not be taking full advantage of the opportunity to "get your message out" to customers abroad.

  • You may not be aware of the names, addresses and editorial contacts for trade and technical publications serving your target industries in all your overseas markets
  • You may not know how to write news that will be journalistically acceptable to overseas editors whose standards are quite different from those in the US
  • You may not have access to technically capable translators who can present your messages accurately and credibly in all required languages

ICM has a specialized system to meet those needs: We have a proprietary database to research targeted country specific and regional journals. We know how to write culturally acceptable releases and feature articles for overseas markets (USA texts usually don’t work). We distribute the message by hard copy and email so that it gets published in overseas journals. Results are measurable because our dedicated editorial follow-up produces clips and Results Reports enabling evaluation of Return On Investment.

Editorial PR or Advertising? An international marketing mix can include both PR and advertising given adequate budgets. However, many companies find that editorial PR offers more value for the money and is more realistic to implement overseas. For the same space costs as one advertisement, PR can achieve 2 to 4 times more exposure in several journals with greater credibility with overseas customers.

The cost effectiveness of editorial PR is multiplied when companies need to reach several market segments in multiple countries. This is because the cost to add markets or countries when generating editorial exposure is a fraction of the cost of adding advertising insertions.

Relative costs. ICM implements successful overseas news releases for about 25% more than a USA campaign. When you factor in the extra challenges of identifying targeted overseas media, creating culturally correct texts, technical translations, global distribution costs, editorial follow up and reporting publication results, the value is persuasive. ICM would like the opportunity to demonstrate this value.

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Building name awareness and leads in overseas markets