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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that my releases and articles are actually being published around the world?
Our international PR service includes a sophisticated set of followup procedures to encourage editors to publish your press releases and bylined feature articles, and to secure copies of the clippings you need to document the success of our work and its favorable return on investment.

Why can't I rely on the foreign circulation of the U.S. magazines that already publish our news?
In most industries this is extremely limited and does not do a good job of reaching the market. Local language publications have the most credibility and readership with your prospects in other countries. And for non-English speaking countries, news in the local language is essential to reach the market effectively.

Our overseas distributors handle PR, so why do I need ICM?
You need to ask yourself a couple of key questions about this issue:
1. Do they really do the job? Are you seeing proof of regular PR coverage in your export markets?
2. If they are doing it, is it taking away from their primary responsibility, which is sales?
Sometimes ICM is used to supplement local PR efforts. ICM takes care of the most important product introductions. Distributors can be quoted as local contacts for sales leads. This is very motivating since it brings in qualified sales leads with little or no effort on their part.

Why can't I get overseas coverage with an online distribution service?
There is no distribution service that reaches anywhere near as many overseas trade and technical journals, especially those in the local languages, as ICM does.Other services do not confirm placements for measuring ROI.

I already have a PR agency (and/or in-house PR staff), so why do I need ICM?
Domestic PR firms and in-house PR professionals simply don't have the specialized tools and expertise to get your news published in the local trade publications your customers are reading around the world. The most important difference is ICM's proprietary media database compiled over 20 years and containing thousands of publications. This resource allows us to assure that your news gets to the right publications.
Our unique editor followup system and Results Reports let you measure ROI.

How much does ICM's international PR service cost?
All our services are quoted on a custom basis to account for each client's particular needs. Our pricing is always project-by-project and all-inclusive. There are never any retainer fees. We invite you to open a dialog so we can gather the information necessary to give you a firm quote.

Do you offer frequency discounts for multiple press releases?
Yes, and virtually all of our clients take advantage of them. Our economies of scale on additional releases allows you to gain increased receptivity with overseas editors and increased coverage to reach your markets.