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A. New Q12 photoelectric sensors from Banner Engineering resist interference from electronic, electromagnetic, optical crosstalk and visual light sources.
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B. Overmolded design provides a high integrity seal for the new Q12 photoelectric sensors from Banner Engineering, allowing use in harsh industrial conditions.
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New Q12 is smallest in Banner Engineering’s WORLD-BEAM® Series

A series of self-contained, ultra-miniature photoelectric sensors with high immunity to electrical noise and optical crosstalk has been introduced by Banner Engineering. Measuring only 8 mm wide, 22 mm long and 12 mm deep, the new Q12 is the smallest in the company’s WORLD-BEAM family of sensors.

The sensors are designed for use in a wide range of applications in material handling, packaging, semiconductor & pharmaceutical manufacturing and all kinds of assembly processes. Their capabilities include verifying position of materials or equipment, inspecting products for missing or incorrect components and mapping semiconductor wafers.

Available in opposed, retroreflective, polarized reflective and fixed-field models, the Q12 has a high sensing range of up to 2m. Its overmolded design provides a high integrity seal that meets the IP67 environmental protection rating, making the sensor appropriate for use in harsh industrial conditions.

Designed for use in active factory situations, the circuitry and housing resist interference from electromagnetic or radio frequency signals as well as optical crosstalk from other sensors or light sources.

Mounting holes in consistent size and configuration allow ease of use when switching between different sensing modes. An assortment of available brackets allow the sensors to be installed in confined or challenging locations. They can be easily embedded in conveyor railings or machinery. Since they are preprogrammed and calibrated at the factory, no adjustments are required.

A visible red LED allows easy target positioning, and green and amber status indicator LEDs are visible from any angle. Pricing is competitive, starting at €64.

Banner Engineering is one of the world's leading manufacturers of vision sensors, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, fiber optic assemblies, machine guarding systems, and precision measurement and inspection systems.

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