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P4 BCR vision sensor from Banner Engineering reads and evaluates advanced bar codes, including ECC200, for applications including:

A. Precision metal stamping. Download High Res Image

B. Label verification for pharmaceutical and consumer products.
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New P4 BCR from Banner Engineering costs 50% less than comparable units

The new PresencePLUS P4 BCR vision sensor from Banner Engineering reads and evaluates all common 2D and 1D bar code formats including the advanced Data Matrix ECC200. With complete systems offered at under €2000, the sensor is as much as 50% less expensive than units of comparable capability.

The P4 BCR can evaluate bar codes immediately downstream from the point where they are marked on products. It assures that the codes are of sufficient quality to be readable by equipment farther along in the process or at user locations. This capability, which can substitute for more costly verification systems, allows in-line monitoring of product codes stamped directly on precision metal parts and other applications. It can identify small degradations in code quality that can be corrected before any parts have to be rejected.

The sensors also read linear and 2D codes in today’s most demanding applications including content verification for pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging and unit traceability in automotive assembly operations.

As part of the PresencePLUS family of products, the P4 BCR has an intuitive user interface. Its Remote TEACH function allows easy push-button inspection changeover without connecting to a PC or shutting down production. A built-in live video output allows users to view inspections in real time without a PC. Ethernet and serial interfaces support all standard industrial connection protocols.

The compact, self-contained sensor is available with in-line or right-angle lens positions. Included mounting brackets allow easy installation on machines or conveyors. The unit’s three LED indicators make setup and operation status clearly visible. Hundreds of specialized lighting and lens options are available to meet the most demanding applications.

Code capabilities include ECC200, Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN-8 and EAN-13 (UPC).

Banner Engineering is one of the world's leading manufacturers of vision sensors, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, fiber optic assemblies, machine guarding systems, and precision measurement and inspection systems.

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