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A. Banner Engineering’s new EZ-Light indicator lights are available in three self-contained housing configurations: M18, T18 and T30. Download High Res Image
B. Multiple panel-mounted EZ-LIGHTs display detailed status indications. Download High Res Image
C. EZ-Lights installed on bins direct correct selection by assembly workers.
Download High Res Image

EZ-Light from Banner Engineering is IP-67 rated and longer lasting than bulb lights

A new multicolor LED indicator light from Banner Engineering is easier to install, requires less space and lasts longer than traditional bulb lights. The compact, solid-state EZ-LIGHT™ is a low-cost solution to indicate status in many manufacturing and process situations (Run, Stop, Reset, Alert, Empty, etc.). The lights can also be used to direct the sequence of employee actions in pick-to-light and bin assembly applications.

Sealed against water and oil, EZ-LIGHT is IP67 rated for use in harsh environments. The self-contained lights may be placed conveniently near the operator for easy viewing, whether in an electrical panel or on a remote tower. Euro-style quick disconnect fittings with no exposed terminals allow rapid, no-solder installation without an electrician.

General-purpose lights feature standard red, yellow and green displays with additional colors available. Seven-function models illuminate in multiple colors and feature pre-configured flashing sequences for more complex indication applications. The multicolor capability allows each EZ-LIGHT to substitute for as many as three or four individual bulb lights.

Housings and mounting brackets are compatible with the widest range of hardware common to industrial automation applications; they include nickel-plated brass 18mm barrels or thermoplastic 18 and 30mm T-style right-angle models. All models accept NPN or PNP inputs from PLC and other control devices.

A United States patent is pending.

Banner Engineering is one of the world's leading manufacturers of vision sensors, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, fiber optic assemblies, machine guarding systems, and precision measurement and inspection systems.

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