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A. New EZ-LIGHT™ K50L from Banner Engineering takes 1/3 to ½ the space of stack lights for convenient mounting on machines and control panels. Download High Res Image

B. Wall-mounted EZ-LIGHT™ K80L multicolor LED indicator light from Banner Engineering has 50 mm dome for high visibility. Download High Res Image

New K50L and K80L from Banner Engineering provide versatile easy to use indicators for
many assembly and material handling applications

New multicolor LED indicator lights from Banner Engineering require less space and offer longer life than stack lights and other indicators that use incandescent light. The EZ-LIGHT™ K50L and K80L indicators install easily on machines, walls or control panels and occupy one-third to one-half the space of lights with comparable capabilities. They provide high visibility in a wide range of automotive, assembly, packaging, electronics and material handling applications.

The multiple LEDs in the indicator’s 50 mm dome can produce almost any color of light. Therefore, the new indicators are lower in cost and can be mounted more easily and in more locations than systems requiring a different light for each color. The diffuse light from the K50L and K80L allows the systems to be used in areas where large stack lights can irritate or distract machine operators.

The K50L indicator offers versatile threaded and bracket mounting configurations for placement in control panels, or on machine stands or pipes. Only one hole is required to mount it in a control panel. Model K80L mounts on walls, other flat surfaces or DIN rails for visibility at greater distances. The K80L also has an integrated wiring chamber with pre-wired/field configurable terminal block for ease of installation. Both the K50L and K80L are available for end user and OEM applications.

The EZ-Lights have IP67 sealed, water- and oil-tight housings for direct machine mounting in washdown environments. Solid state LED indicators provide many years of maintenance-free operation. NPN or PNP models are available.

Several functions are available for the EZ-LIGHT™ indicators, including multiple colors that can be glowing steady or flashing, or have a multicolor flash cycle. Many colors and additional configurations are available, including a quad indicator that sends as many as four messages at a time. Microprocessor-based units can be programmed to flash in special cycles for custom applications. Audible indicator alarms are available as options.

Banner Engineering is one of the world's leading manufacturers of vision sensors, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, fiber optic assemblies, machine guarding systems, and precision measurement and inspection systems. The company provides local application support worldwide.

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