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A. Miniature NS-25/DQG2-XUA dual axis inclinometer from Measurement Specialties offers excellent zero point stability and low noise in a rugged package for demanding applications.Download High Res Image

B. Cranes, lift platforms and weighing stations are among the applications of the new NS-25/DQG2-XUA dual axis inclinometer from Measurement Specialties. Download High Res Image

C. Safety of forklifts and heavy duty off-road vehicles is enhanced by the accuracy and dependability of the NS-25/DQG2-XUA dual axis inclinometer from Measurement Specialties. Download High Res Image

Model NS-25/DQG2-XUA measures ±25° with 0.5° accuracy from -40°C to +85°C

A miniature dual axis inclinometer offering excellent zero point stability over a broad temperature range has been introduced by Measurement Specialties. Model NS-25/DQG2-XUA is a low noise, microprocessor controlled sensor that combines small size, rapid response and competitive pricing. Unlike most MEMS based sensors it uses a patented high performance conductive fluid technology. This helps it reach better accuracy over temperature and lower electrical noise at a similar price point.

The fully linearized, temperature compensated and completely calibrated sensor covers a measurement range of ±25° in temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. Accuracy is 0.5° over full scale. Its robust IP66 housing allows use in demanding applications including stationary and mobile cranes, lift platforms, mobile weighing stations, forklifts and heavy duty vehicles like harvesters and road building equipment. It is designed for all types of leveling or tilt measurement.

The sensor’s body has a three-point mount and a reference edge for easy installation and accurate operation. Its integrated cable and screw mount allow quick installation and reliable operation. Measuring only 41mm x 46mm x 20mm high, the inclinometer offers high performance for its size and price.

Future models in the series will cover different tilt ranges and standardized digital output. Current design features 8 to 30Vdc supply.

Measurement Specialties, Inc., designs and manufactures a wide variety of sensors and transducers to measure precise ranges of physical characteristics including pressure, force, vibration, position, humidity and temperature.

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