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A. New GEMCO 953 VMAX Linear Displacement Transducer provides high accuracy and reliability in demanding process and industrial applications. Download High Res Image

B. Gregory Wood Products of North Carolina, USA, has eliminated high fault rates by installing GEMCO 935 LDTs on its precision edger. Download High Res Image

New GEMCO 953 VMAX Series from AMETEK includes digital and analog units

Durable new Linear Displacement Transducers (LDTs) from AMETEK Automation & Process Technologies provide absolute linear position feedback in the most demanding industrial and process applications. The mill-duty construction of the GEMCO 953 VMAX Series meets IP68 requirements for resistance to contaminants and performance in harsh environmental conditions. Vibration resistance is lab tested at 30 Gs and shock resistance is lab tested at 1000 Gs.

Applications for the LDTs include lumber and forest products, steel mills, primary and secondary metal processing, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, rubber and plastic injection molding, extrusion equipment, and material handling machinery.
The LDT is easy to install and set up. It features the latest generation of magnetostrictive position-sensing technology with automatic gain circuitry and factory calibrated zero point. Custom configurations are available to meet specific end user requirements.

The GEMCO 953A (analog), 953D (digital) and 953S (SSI) VMAX LDT offer active measuring range of up to 300 inches. Wide power supply voltages range from 7 to 30 VDC, and analog output units offer programmable zero and span. All units feature visual and output signal diagnostic feedback and utilize standard off-the-shelf cord sets for maximum value. A tri-color LED indicator verifies proper operation and distinct diagnostics for quick troubleshooting. Their low power consumption (1 watt typical) allows direct connection to displays and control interface modules.

U.S. lumber company cuts waste and downtime with VMAX
Gregory Wood Products, a leading manufacturer of dimensional lumber in North Carolina, USA, had experienced both high failure rates for its LDTs and excessive wood scrap. LDTs installed on hydraulic cylinders accurately position and guide the edger, which averages a cut board every three to five seconds. Severe shock and vibration are an inherent part of the operation. A wrong cut immediately results in a scrap board.

Since incorporating the GEMCO 953, Gregory has not experienced a single fault due to an LDT failure. The previous LDTs had faulted as often as every 15 minutes during some production days.

“We significantly reduced maintenance time and wood scrap, which had averaged $3,000 per day due to LDT failures,” comments Steve Randall, Vice President of Gregory Wood Products. “In addition, we were able to install them in minutes into the existing LDT footprint on our equipment. With the success of the GEMCO MAX LDTs in our cutting operation, we now plan to install them on the wood stackers and sharp chain as well.”

AMETEK Automation & Process Technologies is a leader in continuous linear and rotary position sensing and level gauging. It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a New York Stock Exchange-listed company (NYSE: AME), with 2007 sales of more than $2.1 billion.

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