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Press Release for Land Instruments International, Ltd., part of AMETEK, Inc.

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Land Instruments system includes thermal cameras and trending software


A comprehensive new system that monitors temperature change over the entire surface of molten metal ladles has been introduced by Land Instruments International. The new Vessel Manager’s software and hardware help assure plant safety by warning of potential break-outs and provides trending data to establish efficient re-lining schedules.

Designed for steel mills, copper smelters and other molten metal processes, the system includes multiple Thermal Imaging Cameras positioned to view the entire exterior surface of a molten metal ladle. Temperature information is collected each time the ladle passes a measurement station, allowing assessment of the extent and distribution of wear to the lining. The system’s software creates actionable records for each ladle.

Vessel Manager data helps prevent two serious problems:

  • Accurate statistical measurement of lining wear allows managers to set realistic relining schedules, reducing both the cost of too-frequent maintenance and the risk of break-outs.
  • Constant measurement of temperature changes helps identify ladles that are threatening to fail earlier than predicted, sounding an alarm and lessening risk of plant damage and worker injury.

By identifying the exact location of unexpected hot spots in a particular ladle, the system allows some partial re-linings to extend the life of the ladle.

Land Instruments International designs and manufactures monitors and analyzers for industrial infrared temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions. It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., an NYSE listed global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of US$2.5 billion.

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A. Typical five-camera Vessel Manager installation monitors the entire exterior surface, giving a full 360° view of ladle refractory condition.
B. Use of refractory lined vessels (ladles) is common in steel and other molten metal processes, requiring effective monitoring for safety and efficiency.
C. Vessel Manager’s main display screen allows users to observe critical live and historical information.
D. Robust Thermal Imaging Camera has protective enclosure for reliable operation in hostile conditions.

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