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ABRS Series from Aerotech feature low-profile design to minimize stack-up errors


A series of rotary air-bearing stages designed for high precision angular positioning and velocity stability has been introduced by Aerotech. The high stiffness and load capacity of the ABRS stages minimize axial, radial and tilt error motion to satisfy applications requiring exceptional planar performance.

The stages use a slotless, brushless motor that is inherently zero-cogging and torque ripple-free to maximize positioning accuracy. The low-profile design reduces effective working height, minimizing stack-up errors.
ABRS stages meet the exacting motion control requirements of semiconductor wafer inspection, high precision metrology, x-ray diffraction, optical inspection and fabrication, and MEMS/nanotechnology device fabrication.

Applications requiring exceptional planar performance will benefit from large air-bearing surfaces that provide high stiffness and load capacity for reduced face error motion. A direct coupled, high accuracy rotary encoder achieves resolution of <0.03 arc second and accuracy of ±1 arc second or less when used with the unit’s feedback multipliers and controls. A clear aperture facilitates product feed-through, laser beam delivery, cable clearance or other application-specific requirements.

Custom versions of the ABRS are available for rate table and inertial guidance test-stand applications.

Aerotech is a leading supplier of motion control products to industry, government, science and research institutions around the world. Its precision products provide critical performance for demanding applications requiring high precision, high-throughput motion control solutions.

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A. ABRS rotary air-bearing stages from Aerotech provide superior angular positioning, velocity stability and error motion performance in a low-profile package.
B. Aerotech’s SMP Surface Measurement Platform for 3D surface measurements incorporates the ABRS air-bearing rotary stage.

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